Xena 3.0 (VRChat Avatar, Phys Bones)

25 ratings

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♡ Toggles: Fishnet, panties , bra, pasties, heels swap, hair swaps, garters, harneses, blindfold, glasses, nail, bunny ears, bunnytail, hue shift, material swaps.

♡ DPS (choochi, mouth, hands, boobs, booty ) does not come included you will need to import.


  • PoiyomiToon7.3.050
  • Newest vrchat SDK
  • Dynamic Penetration System

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You may not use the base or any other assets on this avatar unless you buy or download the assets from the original creator! Also DO NOT share this package with anyone else!

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♡ Body: Pandaabear#9873 (edited by me)

♡ Body Texture: Mystify#6996

♡ Face: kri#1214 (edited my me)

♡ Hairs: CompelledInk#1062, Nessy!#7402

♡ Heels: Nauuki#5353, Loveisevil#4139

♡ Bikini Set: beanie baby#5422, Maible#8888 (Retextured By Me)

♡ Skirt: 𝙹𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚢!#𝟺𝟹𝟻𝟹

♡ Rings & Earing: JerseysGhost#7777, Tij#2530

♡ Fishnet: NGUERRA#2929

♡ Bunny Ears & Tail: Onion#1515, cockwee#5331

♡ Pasties: Empress Moon#6969

♡ Garters: Kay#2971

♡ Glasses: Mai

♡ Blindfold: berryvee#0697

♡ Harnesses AgentM#0247, pink.wings#0695

♡ Nail: Custom Made By xJELLYBEANSx#6704 (Not To Reuse)

♡ Nip And Belly piercings made by me

───────────────────────────── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ─────────────────────────────

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to DM me on Discord. Body Texture in showcase photos Not Included on Avi. You can NOT use the texture on other avatars unless you've bought the texture separately.

No refunds on my assets or models, if you have any questions before purchase or after DM me.


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Xena 3.0 (VRChat Avatar, Phys Bones)

25 ratings